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The purpose of this investigation was to determine if an individual high school wrestler’s anxiety measures would serve as an indicator of his match performance. The subjects were thirty-one varsity wrestlers who were in attendance at Brookings High School, Brookings, South Dakota, during the academic year 1966-1967. The top twenty-four wrestlers, as determined by weekly competitive challenge matches, received alternate forms of the IPAT 8-Parallel-Form Anxiety Battery forty minutes prior to the “A” and “B” teams’ competitive performances in all home wrestling matches. These tests were administered in order to measure the anxiety levels of subjects in a stress situation. Each subject’s performance was independently evaluated immediately upon the termination of his match by a panel of three wrestling judges. The mean of these judges’ ratings served as the subject’s match performance evaluation. A base line anxiety measure in a non-stress situation was secured by administering Form F of the IPAT 8-Parallel-Form Anxiety Battery to the subjects. The data collected during these testing periods were scored and/or recorded and analyzed to determine the degree of relationship existing between the subject’s anxiety measures and their match performance evaluations. The statistical procedures employed on data of individual subjects dealt only with those subjects who wrestled a minimum of five of the seven matches investigated. There were no statistically significant findings on any of the correlations in the data analyzed. These results would tend to indicate that for the purposes of this study, the anxiety measures as employed were unreliable methods for the prediction of competitive performance.

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