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The application of mist to cauliflower and lettuce plants improved the quality of cauliflower heads. The mean temperature reduction in the mist plots was 4.8° F. Positive correlation of .76 was obtained between outside temperature and temperature under mist. By comparison of sample means of paired observations, differences were found to be significant at one percent level. The mist system was 2.5 feet above soil level. The lines were 120 feet long. The 3 lines on the west side of the plot were placed 3 feet apart. The next 7 lines were placed 6 feet apart. The last two lines on the east side of plot were placed 3 feet apart. The mist nozzle was used to reduce the amount of water. An electric solenoid valve was controlled by a thermostat set for an air temperature of 85° F. Production of 87 percent high quality cauliflower used more water as compared to normal irrigation. Wind, soil, crop, and other factors should be taken into account for future studies.

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Sprinkler irrigation




South Dakota State University