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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of an interval running program on circulorespiratory efficiency, body adipose tissue, and body weight of college freshman women. Thirty students were selected randomly from volunteers from all of the freshmen women enrolled in the required freshman physical education program at South Dakota State University, equated by an oxygen consumption test, and placed in an experimental or control group. The experimental group participated in an interval running program over a six-week period. The workload consisted of running bouts on a graded treadmill with at specific interval rest period. The bouts increased on a graded treadmill with a specific interval rest period. The bouts increased in number throughout the six-week training period. Initial and final tests were administered to both groups to determine oxygen debt repaid after recovery, resting heart rate, adipose tissue measurements, and body weight. From this study the following conclusions were drawn: 1.The method of interval training employed in this study appeared to be an effective method of increasing circulorespiratory efficiency for women. 2. The running training program as employed in this study had no significant effect on body weight of the female subjects. 3. There was a significant loss of adipose tissue on the chest, arm, and hip; but there was no significant change of adipose tissue on the cheek, back, and abdomen of the experimental running group.

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Physical Education for women
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