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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Sociology and Rural Studies


The United States Census Bureau usually divides the population of any large geographical area into three broad categories – urban, rural farm and rural non-farm. Demographers have performed much investigation in the former two areas; however, the research relative to the rural non-farm population segment lacks the intensity that characterizes investigations of the urban and rural farm populations. Recently, there has been an awareness of this fact and the North Central Regional Committee on Community Adjustment to Social Change has initiated a large scale investigation of the changes and adjustments that are taking place within the communities of the region. By following some of the procedures by this committee, it is the intent of this thesis to provide a detailed demographic analysis of the rural non-farm population. South Dakota is cooperating in this regional study and this thesis will contribute to the analysis of data for South Dakota’s rural non-farm populations. This thesis will concentrate solely upon the demographic factors that are associated with population change. It is, of course, impossible to completely separate social and cultural factors from a study of population change; however, their importance will be de-emphasized for the purposes of this investigation.

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Migration, Internal -- South Dakota
South Dakota -- Population, Rural




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