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Measures of irrigation development can be estimated from the viewpoint of the nation, the region, the state, or the firm. This study originates from the state and especially the local area effects of irrigation development estimated to be feasible for farms. The concern of this study is a systematic examination of the changes in personal income and the associated changes in business activity of the related retail trade and service enterprises. The proposal of this study is to examine this complementary relationship in terms of the impact from a determined level of irrigation development on trade and service establishments in the local area. South Dakota has a potential for economic growth through its water resources. Several river basins are being investigated. Comprehensive reports have been made for the Oahe Unit in Eastern and Central South Dakota. Development of these water potentials seem able to provide a substantial stimulus for expansion of economic activity there. The problem of this thesis originates from the observation that in order to understand the impact of prospective irrigation development, it is first essential that further information about trade areas and business establishments be collected and organized, and that the relationship between personal income and local business volume be analyzed. (see more in text)

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Irrigation -- South Dakota
Water resources development -- South Dakota
South Dakota -- Economic conditions




South Dakota State University