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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering


The concern for ground water contamination resulting from the sanitary landfill method of disposal, the realization that adequate data were lacking, and the availability of a refuse landfill that could be used for obtaining more pertinent data, resulted in several research projects at this university. These included: a study of the effects of the refuse landfill on the quality of the underlying ground water (5) ; a study of the areal extent of the contamination and the variance due to seasonal changes (6); and a study of the effects of the refuse landfill on the subsequential uses of the related ground water (7). These investigations reported that a small pond located within the vicinity of the landfill could possibly improve the quality of the contaminated ground water. Because of these reports and the lack of knowledge of the beneficial effects of open bodies of water on ground water quality, a research proposal to investigate these effects was initiated. This study presented herein pertains to the influence of a man-made trench that intercepts the ground water flow after it passes through a landfill site.

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Refuse and refuse disposal




South Dakota State University