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Physical Education


The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects of weight training upon leg strength, reaction and performance times of football players engaged in an off-season training program. Twenty-two varsity football players at South Dakota State University volunteered as subjects and were· placed in two groups equated by their ability to perform a specific agility movement. Random designation procedures were used to designate the groups. The subjects in the control and experimental groups participated in an eight-week weight training program and, in addition, the experimental group was employed in an explosive running program. To obtain data for this investigation pre- and post-tests for reaction and performance times of the ten-yard agility run, 20-yard sprint and leg strength were administered to the subjects. The experimental and control groups met three times per week. The training program began February 7, 1968, and terminated April 4, 1968. As a result of the findings obtained from this investigation the following conclusions appear warranted. Weight training and explosive running will not statistically improve reaction and performance times of football players. Reaction times indicated some improvement but were not significant at the five per cent level of significance. Performance times did improve significantly but in a negative fashion, meaning the times increased from the pre- to post-tests. However, the weight training program did improve leg and foot extension significantly.

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