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There is an extensive amount of published literature regarding the principles of dewatering by vacuum filtration. However, the review of the literature indicated that very little work has been done regarding the vacuum filtration of combined lime sludge and sewage sludge. The Komline-Sanderson Company, manufacturers of the coil media vacuum filter, relate that several municipalities throughout the country have attempted to dewater combined sludges, but obtained unfavorable results. This appeared to result from incorrect proportioning of the two sludges and possibly the procedures used in conditioning the sludges prior to and after combining. Contrary to this, two cities in Nebraska, Nebraska City (1) and Superior (2) reported that they have obtained successful results by adding the water softening lime sludge from the water treatment plant directly into the sanitary sewer. Vacuum filtration was then performed on the raw combined sludge accumulated in the primary settling tanks at the sewage treatment plant. Furthermore, they reported that their cost of conditioning chemicals was greatly reduced and the biochemical oxygen demand reduction was increased in the plant. This study evaluated the effect of dewatering combined water softening lime sludge and digested wastewater sludge. The sludges were obtained from the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants. (see more in text)

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