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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to survey head varsity football coaches to determine common methods of organizing practice sessions of successful football coaches, to compare their methods with those of unsuccessful coaches, and to disclose differences in methods used by coaches in three stratums of high school populations. The following areas were investigated: elements pertaining to individual coaches, patterns of organizing practice sessions, attitudes towards practice sessions, and off-season activities of coaches. 1he data obtained were placed into groupings of coaching records, more or less successful. Also, the data were placed into-three stratums of high school populations and years of coaching experience. The statistical procedure Chi-Square was used in the statistical analysis. The .01 level was accepted and the .05 level was reported. The indications were as follows: more successful coaches held shorter practice sessions during the mid-season; more successful coaches had less scrimmage on Wednesdays in mid-season. Differences indicated by coaches in high school stratums and experience were as follows: older and more experienced coaches held positions in larger schools; younger and less experienced coaches had fewer advanced degrees; coaches with more experience had won more games under 54 per cent; coaches in larger schools preferred large squads; small schools had fewer squad members; coaches in larger schools utilized teaching stations more; coaches in smaller schools planned more for coaching offensive fundamentals in late season; coaches in smaller schools emphasized kicking more in mid-season; coaches in larger schools planned little scrimmage on Tuesdays during the preseason; coaches planned short scrimmage sessions on Thursdays during the late season; coaches in small schools during the seasons of 1965-'67 did not have the same opportunity to use films as coaches in large schools; coaches differed in the evaluation of execution.

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