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The measure and extent of outdoor recreation demand and associated household consumption expenditures can be estimated at the national, state, and local levels. This study is an attempt to measure the household expenditures f or outdoor recreation within an economically based trade area and to determine the relationship between these expenditures and the socio-economic characteristics of households. . . . The study characterizes the scope and nature of the family consumption expenditures for outdoor recreation. The project examines these demands in terms of the family budget in the selected area. Specifically the research in this study has the following objectives: 1. To determine the income elasticities of households in the selected area of South Dakota for the outdoor recreation product. 2. To determine the proportion of disposable family consumer income devoted to outdoor recreation in the selected region of South Dakota. 3. To determine the relationships and significance of those socio-economic factors that might affect the amount of household consumption expenditures devoted to outdoor recreation. 4. To provide and interpret recreation expenditures information useful for state and community planners in decisions to allocate and invest in development of resources with potential recreational purposes based on measurable preferences and identifiable socio-economic factors of residents.

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