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Many solutions exist for the laminar boundary-layer flow of Newtonian fluids. This is verified in literature by Schlichting. However, some fluids do not obey the Newtonian postulate that the stress tensor is directly proportional to the rate of deformation tensor. It is as likely, in fact, that non-Newtonian fluids could be pumped into an industrial complex as the more common Newtonian fluids. This is partly due to the growing use of synthetics and petroleum products in modern day living. The use of non-Newtonian fluids, however, does not have to be limited to problems of internal flow. The fluid in the boundary-layer of a ship's hull could be changed to a non-Newtonian fluid by injection of a water soluble chemical. As a result, the drag force experienced by the ship could be decreased. It is evident then, that the study of non-Newtonian fluids could yield valuable information. (See more in text.)

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