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The survey method utilizing the questionnaire was employed in determining current attitudes toward basic course requirements for graduation. Basic courses required for graduation, for all undergraduate degrees at South Dakota State University, are English,, physical education, and speech. Four hundred eighty-six students were selected according to sex, college and class by using the stratified random sample method. Four hundred and three, or 82.92 percent, of those students who received questionnaires returned completed questionnaires. Results of the survey showed that 84.86 percent of the students returning questionnaires felt that there are subject areas where there should be basic course requirements for graduation with the B.A. degree, and 89.58 percent indicated a corresponding response for the B.S. degree. For the B.A. degree the three subject areas with the highest percent of positive responses were English, 84 percent; speech, 73 percent; and physical education, 55 percent. For the B.S. degree, which stresses the sciences more than does the B.A. degree, the subject areas receiving a majority of positive responses were chemistry, 79 percent; English, 71 percent; mathematics, 71 percent; biology, 68 percent; speech, 66 percent; physics, 60 percent, and physical education, 55 percent. English, speech, and physical education which are required for the graduation received a majority of positive responses for both the B.A. and B.S. degrees. Data were further analyzed by sex, class, college, cumulative grade point average, and degree being pursued. Results of the survey imply that the present English, physical education, and speech requirements for graduation are justified as indicated by the majority of positive responses received from the survey.

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