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In the past decade, significant progress has been made in the technology of digital electronic systems. These are systems in which information is represented by numbers, usually in the form of groups of binary digits. These systems were developed for the purpose of processing information. Devices, which fit into this category, are digital computers and digital control systems. In order to utilize these devices, information must be taken from nature and presented. To the digital device in a form it can understand. Previously, man had to act as an encoder to link the information into the digital machine. Physical sensors changed a quantity (such as temperature or pressure) into a decimal numb, which was understandable to man. Man coded this information into digital form so that the machine could operate on this information. This was a very slow and expensive process, where the machine received the information long after the actual physical occurrence. To alleviate this problem, physical sensors have been made which convert the physical information into an analog signal, such as a voltage variation. The magnitude of this analog signal gives the value of the physical quantity as a function of time. An encoder is needed which converts the analog signal into a digital representation. A device which preforms this function is called an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter.

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