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Farmers see the need for making these adjustments but lack information which could help them make adjustments in line with both their own and the social interest. The purpose of this study was to provide such information for the fanners of Campbell, Edmunds, McPherson and Walworth counties. The objectives of the study were: 1. To determine the minimum cost resource combinations for specified farm income levels under the environmental conditions of the study area. 2. To compare the minimum resource requirements needed to attain specified returns to operator labor and management for selected types of farming systems. 3. To analyze the effects of allowing for periods of low yields on the minimum resource requirements needed to attain the specified farm income levels. The following hypotheses served as guides in pursuing these objectives.1. In optimum farm plans, corn buying will replace corn raising as a way to meet the specified returns to labor and management with minimum resources, as well as reducing the impact of yield variability. 2. Optimum farm plans will concentrate on hog production as the most efficient means of providing returns to labor and management. 3. Optimum farm plans will include diversification of livestock activities if the amount of feed grain that can be bought is restricted and a minimum income in low crop yield years is required.

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