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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education


Eighteen volunteers were randomly divided into three groups, and the treatments were then randomly assigned. The study involved a six week conditioning period followed by a three-week deconditioning period. The subjects were tested before and after the conditioning period to determine the effects of the conditioning programs on cardiovascular efficiency. A third test was administered three weeks after the second test to measure the level of retention of fitness of all subjects. The two tests administered each testing period were the Astrand Test of Predicted Maximal Oxygen Uptake and a test of physical work capacity. During the conditioning program all subjects rode the bicycle ergometer three times per week. Group A exercised ten minutes per session, group B exercised for twenty minutes each session, and group C exercised for thirty minutes each session. The results indicated that all three groups significantly improved in cardiovascular efficiency between Test I and Test II, and retained this level throughout the deconditioning phase of the study. No significant differences were found to occur between the groups.

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Physical eduction for women
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