Hong-To Lam

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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Civil Engineering


In a routine design of a plate girder bridge, the structural engineer is mainly concerned with the gross area of the flange due to bending and the gross area of the web due to shear. The web deflections and stresses due to horizontal loads resulting from the bracket during construction are not considered. The object of this thesis is to establish a mathematical solution which permits the prediction of structural behavior of the web for lateral loads. The web deflection and stress which occur as a result of using temporary construction brackets are primarily studied. In this investigation, a partial differential equation is to be derived in term of web deflection. Such a differential equation can be solved for any assumed boundary conditions. It would be rather difficult to obtain a solution for the differential equation in closed form, if not impossible. In such cases, resort to an approximate solution is inevitable. The finite differences method was chosen in this study for its simplicity and adaptability to electronic digital computers. Computer output will be arranged and tabulated for the purpose of comparison between analytical and experimental results.

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Strains and stresses



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South Dakota State University