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Master of Science (MS)


Home Economics

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Adaline S. Hsia


The purpose of this study was to investigate the motivating factors that influenced a selected group of men in South Dakota in purchase of clothing. The returns were grouped so that buying practices of men in East River and West River were compared, and buying practices of men from urban and rural areas were compared. Changes in men's clothing have begun to change at an accelerating rate compared with relatively slow changes that took place in the past. These changes have come in many forms such as new colors, new styles, and new fabrics. Because of these innovations in men's clothing, manufacturers and retailers are faced with the problem of meeting the demands of the consumer. The manufacturers and retailers must decide which innovations will prove to be most profitable, but at the same time meet the consumer needs. Manufacturers and retailers are interested in advertising media that stimulate the consumer to buy. The industry is also interested in how aware the consumer is of new fashions in man's clothing. Investigations of this nature have been done largely with the college age male, but little research has been done to determine the needs and wants of the more mature man who is established in a career or business enterprise and has other family members to consider. This study was developed to investigate what motivates this segment of the population in the selection of clothing.

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