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Electrical Engineering


A load study is the determination of the voltage, current, power, and power factor at various points in an electric network under existing or contemplated conditions of normal operation. The following load study deals with the 41.6 KV distribution system of the City of Brookings, South Dakota. This system has recently been completed and placed in operation. Before installation of this system, the City of Brookings was served by a central steam generating plant operating at 4160 volts in a radial manner. When power became available from the USBR (United States Bureau of Reclamation), it was decided that it was no longer economically feasible to operate the steam plant, and a construction program of 41.6 KV lines and transformer substations was undertaken to supply power into the old 4160 volt feeders, and at the same time to provide for future expansion. Due to future system growth, and due to reports that have started coming in on low-voltage delivered to the customer, it seems reasonable to take a thorough look at the system at this time. The voltage profile of the system is of special interest, as well as the line flows and the results of scheduled openings or additions of lines. Furthermore, the addition of a new substation, the 3M substation, is a case in planning future system expansion. With ·a11 these observations, it is possible to solve some of the problems and, therefore, recommend certain emergency procedures.

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