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Significance of the Study. Competency of teachers is becoming one of the major topics of concern in respect to physical education and its place in the realm of the education process. There is continual searching for the answers as to what the undergraduate needs in order to be professionally prepared to teach physical education in today's school system. Those students who have graduated and are out in the field are an excellent source of information; but all too often once the physical educator has graduated, the institution feels that its task is completed. In order to find out how effective an institution's undergraduate preparation program is, a follow-up study of the graduates should be conducted to see if teaching experiences, and the process of supervision, have given former students a clear-cut idea as to how efficient their professional training had been. Our teacher education programs must be directed toward the development of competencies in order to help alleviate the problems facing today's teachers. The result of a follow-up study of its graduates may benefit the institution and could affect the departmental curriculum of that institution. This type of study enables educators to better understand the problems faced by the physical educators already in the field and to help them to deal with those that face future physical educators. It is a way of finding out the weaknesses and strengths that the teachers have in certain areas of physical education. A follow-up study can indirectly show if the graduates were adequately prepared professionally. Educators are responsible for developing professional preparation programs that can advantageously direct the learning experiences toward the more crucial problems facing physical educators now. “With increasing high standards of education a more proficient teacher is in demand, and the task of preparing future teachers with acceptable competencies is that of the institution.” As a graduate of Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, the investigator became interested in conducting a follow-up study of its physical education graduates in relation to the previously mentioned values. This study has the purpose of compiling the opinions of the graduates concerning their undergraduate professional preparation at that institution. Such opinions as found could be used for evaluating the total program. The results obtained hopefully will reveal pertinent facts about the physical education department at Augustana College and the strengths and weaknesses in its preparation of future physical educators, so that it can adjust and improve its program accordingly .The purpose of this study was to obtain opinions about the physical education professional preparation program at Augustana College, and to determine the status past and present of the graduates in physical education at that institution.

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