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Edna Page Anderson


A major area of recent interest to the elderly is housing. One of the reasons housing has become a major concern is because housing represents much more than a physical structure in our society. Housing is a subject of highly charged emotional content with many strong feelings attached. The housing environment seems to have considerable control over they way in which individuals perceive themselves and over others perception of them. The design of buildings can have an important effect on the persons who live and move around in them. In the United States there has been experimentation with a variety of housing for the elderly. A few of these options are high rises, retirement communities, nursing homes, hospitals and various types of public housing. So far there has been limited research on the effects of these residences on the elderly. Information on the effects of housing on the elderly would seem to be critical at this stage. Investing large amounts of money in housing, when it is not known whether the units are fulfilling their purpose would seem to be a great mistake. If present units are found not to be meeting elderly housing needs, the problems and alternatives for their solution should be explored before large numbers are built. The purpose of this research was to critique some of the physical characteristics of subsidized housing designed particularly for the elderly. More specifically, the objectives of the study were to: 1. Identify from literature certain physical standards of subsidized housing for the elderly considered critical to their well-being. 2. Determine the extent to which elderly subsidized housing meets the physical standards identified in the literature review. 3. Determine elderly resident’s satisfaction with the physical characteristics of their subsidized housing. 4. Investigate the influence of selected personal characteristics on housing satisfaction. 5. Ascertain the relationship between physical standards and the housing satisfaction of elderly residents.

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