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Physical Education

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Fred M. Oien


Presently we are in a very exciting and challenging period of athletics for women. We are in a period in which sports programs for girls and women have undergone considerable change. Neal stated that never before has the female been so free from cultural restraints and taboos in sports competition as she is today. With the establishment of Title IX there has been an explosion of sports programs for tl1e female athlete, encouraging increased participation in great numbers and bringing women participants into prominence throughout the world. Today, junior high teams practice daily, high school girl athletes are beginning to work for scholarships, college women are pursuing national championships, and women are starting to compete on professional teams. This continual growth in numbers of participants and in the quality of performance has created a concern for professional preparation programs which prepare individuals for the leadership roles needed in sports programs for girls. Presently we are in a situation in which there are many more coaches needed to coach the athletic teams than there are people needed to teach physical education. The purpose of this study was to describe the professional preparation of head coaches for girls interscholastic track and field in South Dakota. Teachers who have an interest in becoming a coach for an interscholastic athletic team should be provided the opportunity of becoming more professionally prepared in the many diversified aspects of coaching. Information concerning the professional preparation of head coaches for girls interscholastic track and field teams in South Dakota, currently not available, can now be provided to the South Dakota High school Activities Association and the South Dakota State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As a result, such information, or the investigated areas may be judged to be in need of strengthening. Results of the study could also be beneficial to teacher training institutions in the formulation of programs and course content for the preparation of individuals to coach competitive interscholastic track and field for girls.

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