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Charles E. Lamberton


A great deal of attention has been devoted in recent years to the rising costs of health care and to the resulting pressures upon private and public budgets. Likewise, much attention has been focused on the economic well-being of the increasing number of older citizens. Surprisingly, the tools of economics have been infrequently applied to the nursing home industry, which is a growing segment of the health care sector that now provides services to over one million elderly persons annually (U.S., Department of Health and Human Services, 1981). Since economics is concerned with scarce resources and their efficient allocation among alternative uses, the nursing home industry would appear to be an appropriate subject for economic analysis. Before such an analysis can proceed to larger concerns of public finance, economic welfare, and the distributional aspects of nursing home care among the nation's elderly, knowledge is needed of the demand and supply conditions that prevail within the industry. This study seeks to contribute to that knowledge by investigating the nature of demand for nursing home care.

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Demand (Economic theory) -- Mathematical models
Nursing homes -- Utilization -- South Dakota



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