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Civil Engineering

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Alan Prasuhn


The study of sediment transported by rivers is required to provide the best approximation of expected amounts of degradation or deposition. quantities are required for engineering Transport analyses associated with safety and productivity. The design and placement of river training structures to prevent flooding and bank erosion, design and determination of life expectancy of· reservoirs and optimization of channel designs all require sedimentation movement evaluations. Estimations of life expectancy and dredging requirements for navigable rivers or channels require calculations of sediment transport. be used as an indication of soil Studies can conservation effectiveness tillage in areas under construction or under There are numerous sediment transport procedures available to be used by designers. All transport procedures are restricted to certain optimum sediment sizes, specific gravities or measured data limitations. Toffaleti's procedure requires field measurements of the river bed material by sediment size fraction to calculate bed material sediment discharges. Because data is available for only the suspended sediment load in many cases, it was proposed that Toffaleti's approach be modified to use measured suspended load data in sediment size fractions rather than measured bed material size fractions. The approach to modifying Toffaleti's procedure is similar to the modified Einstein procedure and provides bed material and total sediment discharges both as size fractions and total loads. A computer program was written utilizing measured suspended load to calculate discharges. The specific objectives of the project were as follows: 1) Modify Toffaleti's procedure for sediment transport calculations to allow the use of suspended load measurements rather than bed material measurements in order to be able to calculate not only bed material load but also the total load and 2) Compare the results for the modified procedure to Toffaleti's existing procedure, the modified Einstein procedure and the Ackers and White procedure.

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