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Master of Science (MS)


Plant Science

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Wayne S. Gardner

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Dale J. Gallenberg


Both MDMV-A and -B were transmitted by natural infection and mechanical inoculation on South Dakota adapted sorghum hybrids and occurred at the Brookings area. Grain sorghum hybrids were found to react differently to mechanical inoculation with MDMV-A and -B, respectively. Strain A usually induced a systemic mosaic symptom, while strain B usually produced local and necrotic symptoms. However, a few cultivars infected with strain B exhibited systemic symptoms. During a comparative ultrastructural study of MDMV infection, there was an obvious difference in inclusion bodies between MDMV-A and MDMV-B. Electron microscope revealed the presence of pinwheels, bundles, tubes, scrolls, and laminated aggregates in cells of sorghum leaf tissue systemically infected with MDMV-B, while no laminated aggregates were found in cells of sorghum leaf tissue infected with MDMV-A. Ultrastructural aspects of HOK sorghum plants in the primary acute stage of symptom development and MDMV-A interaction, exhibited obvious ultrastructural changes in host cell morphology such as cell wall abnormalities. The cell wall abnormalities involved cell wall thickenings and protrusions associated with paramural bodies, extended plasmodesmata, and extra protoplasmic sacs. The objectives of this study are to determine the response of South Dakota adapted sorghum cultivars to mechanical inoculation, to identify potential reservoirs for MDMV, to compare sorghum cultivars reaction to MDMV-A and -B, and to describe the symptom development at different stages of sorghum cultivars inoculated with MDMV. Also, to observe the cytological modification of HOK sorghum cultivar inoculated with MDMV-A mechanically, and finally to compare the difference of inclusion bodies between strain A and B.

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