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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)



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W. E. Arnold Ph. D.


An alternative method of powering and guiding agricultural implements was described and tested. The system utilized a center pivot irrigation gantry as a position reference device for an electrically powered tool-frame. The system induced the tool-frame to follow a reference point on the irrigation gantry, while that point was incremented outward by a ground driven mechanism. The path followed by the tool-frame was that of an Archimedean spiral. A crop was planted and cultivated with the system, while evaluating the path for accuracy within operations, and repeatability between operations comparison of the overall energy efficiency and energy costs was made between the electric system and a conventional system. Alterations to the existing spiral mechanization system were recommended and an alternate system using a linear move irrigation gantry as a position reference device and power source was suggested. An analytical draft model was evaluated for use in predicting draft of low speed tillage implements. Comparisons were made between the draft predicted by the model for the cultivator, to the draft measured during the cultivation operation at different depths.

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Conservation tillage


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