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Master of Science (MS)



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Gary D. Lemme


Soils on the high terraces of the Cheyenne River in Haakon County, South Dakota have long been recognized as important to the agriculture of the area. Data from this study as well as Haakon County Extension Service and Soil Conservation Service knowledge of the area will complement the soil survey in progress and provide a broader base of information for the future management of this important agricultural resource. This study will also help to quantify some of the properties that set the high terrace series apart from the surrounding shale uplands. Similar sets of high terrace systems along other major east flowing tributaries to the Missouri River have been studied by Warren, Crandell, Flint, and White. Agreement as to the glacial period that caused their isolation has not been reached. Soil morphology of the Cheyenne river terraces will supplement the accumulated data leading toward the resolution of this question. The objectives of this study were: (1) to characterize the morphological, mineralogical, edaphic, physical, and selected chemical properties of the terrace soils; (2) examine the impact of time upon the genesis· of these soils; (3) classify and identify soil series on the various terrace levels; (4) apply the characterization to land use interpretation.

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