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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education

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James E. Lidstone


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of participating for 16 weeks in the Brookings Wellness Program on cardiovascular function and self-concept in 35-55 year old men and women. Forty-nine volunteer men and women participated in the study. The experimental group consisted of 24 subjects who enrolled in the Brookings Wellness Program between June 1, 1987 and February 19, 1988. Twenty-five matched control subjects who were similar in age and lifestyle were also secured for this study. The experimental and control groups were pre and post tested to determine initial and final values for maximal oxygen consumption (Max V02) using two submaximal tests, the bicycle ergometer and Rockport Fitness Walking Tests. The Tennessee Self Concept Scale (TSCS) was administered during pre and posttest sessions and measured the change in overall self esteem (Total Positive), Self Satisfaction, Physical Self, Personal Self, and Social Self. Experimental group subjects participated in the Brookings Wellness Program for 16 weeks before post testing occurred. Control group subjects were to maintain their present lifestyle. 2 x 2 factorial analyses of variance were performed on the amount of pretest to posttest change which occurred. Significant differences between the experimental group and the control group were observed for Max V02 on the bicycle test, Total Positive, Self Satisfaction, Physical Self, and weight change (p < .05) The experimental and control groups did not differ in terms of the degrees of change that occurred in Max V02 as measured by the Rockport Walking Test, Personal Self, and Social Self (p > .05) . It was concluded that participation for 16 weeks in a wellness program can significantly affect certain aspects of health-related fitness and self-concept.

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Heart -- Diseases

Exercise for older people -- Physiological aspects

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