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The game of basketball has undergone changes over the years and today it is a fast-moving game wherein all of the players have an opportunity to score. The very nature of the game indicates that accurate shooting is essential to the final outcome. Sharmin stated the obvious, that in basketball, the team which wins scores more points than its opponent, and “Accurate shooting is the backbone of the game." This idea is supported by Benington and Newall who stated that "The skill of shooting has probably developed more than any other aspect of the game of basketball." Part of the reason for more efficient shooting skill has been the development of the jump shot. Because of the versatility of the jump shot, it has become the most important offensive weapon in the game of basketball. Benington and Newall's point is supported by Sharmin who said. ''The jump shot is the most effective and potent shot in basketball today." Wooden also supported this viewpoint as he stated that his teams score more points from jump shots than all of the other types of shots combined. With the jump shots established as the popular method of shooting, it would be of value to coaches to be able to predict success in scoring from the field by utilizing the jump shot. Since accurate shooting depends upon certain physical qualities, it was valuable for the investigator to study the relationship of selected anatomical measurements and motor responses to jump shooting ability in basketball. The purpose of this investigation was to study the relationship between jump shooting ability in basketball and the qualities of hand-eye coordination, hand reaction time, speed of movement time, hand size, grip strength, peripheral vision, depth perception, kinesthetic perception, leg power, wrist flexibility, wrist strength, and agility. 1. There is no relationship between jump shooting ability in basketball and selected anatomical measurements and motor responses. 2. A multiple regression equation to significantly predict jump shooting ability in basketball cannot be developed.

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