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Since the first enterovirus isolates in 1957 and rhinovirus isolation in 1962, more than 600 isolations of bovine picornaviruses have been reported. Previous workers have been concerned primarily with serological comparisons among their own isolates. Only two viruses, LCR4 and BEV I, are available to investigators for serologic comparison. Picornaviruses have been isolated from animals with. respiratory diseases, diarrhea, and histories of abortions. Interest has not been that great because of the vast number of strains isolated, and at present, the studied strains have no disease attributed to them. Little has been done with these strains of virus except to classify them. Only a few of the isolated viruses have been inoculated into animals and the results were incomplete and inconclusive. A number of discrepancies can be found in the literature concerning the effect of enterovirus ·inoculations in mice. In the present study, the antigenic, chemical, and physical properties of six South Dakota picornavirus isolates were compared with five reference enteroviruses. The six isolates were inoculated into suckling mice and pregnant mice to determine the pathogenic properties of the viruses and histologic studies were conducted on the tissues from the suckling mice.

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