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Physical Education


Football on the college and university level has become more complex. As innovations in strategies and techniques continue to emerge, players with more highly developed abilities are being sought by coaches. Knute Rockne emphasized the significance of the task of player selection when her stated: “A coach and his system are as good as his players…and not an iota better. Give me great players and they can win without a system. Bad ones can’t win with the best tutoring in the world.” The popularity of modern football has attracted large numbers of athletes to the sport, thus compounding the problem of selecting superior players. College coaches have attempted to select football players who demonstrate promise, as determined by various criterion based on arbitrarily chosen factors. Just when these factors are is unknown. No one has been able to solve this problem because of the many factors involved. Physical educators, as well as coached, have devoted attention to the development of techniques designed to predict successful performance. The purpose of this study was to identify those physical and sociopsychological traits which college and university football coaches consider in predicting performance of incoming freshman football players.

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