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Intercollegiate football has become highly competitive over the past decade. As new records are set each year, offensively as well as defensively, it is imperative that players maintain a high level of strength throughout the competitive season. Ample investigations have been conducted in off-season weight training; however, there are few investigations pertaining to the use of a weight training program during the competitive season. McKay believes that while a weight training program must develop strength and endurance in the muscles used in playing the game, the program must not reduce the players’ reflexes or speed. At one time, in-season weight training was regarded as an inappropriate practice. Capen stated that exercise with weights would produce “muscle tightness.” Chic also observed that many coaches have associated weight training with “muscle boundness,” but he could find no scientific evidence to support this theory. Interest in the use of an in-season weight training program at the college level in growing; however, information related to the specific effects f this type of training in extremely limited. At least one writer, Juvenal, has suggested that with no attention given to strength training during a football season, players will experience a decrement in strength as the season progresses. Guyton supported this view when he noted that muscles not used for one to two months can decrease to one-half their normal size. With this decrease in girth, there is a proportionate reduction in muscular strength. But supporting data are scarece and in view of this paucity of data, the present researcher conducted an investigation to determine whether an in-season weight training program might influence the strength of intercollegiate football players as the competitive season progressed. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an in-season weight training program in selected measures of strength of intercollegiate football players during the competitive season.

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