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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education

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Barry C. McKeown


The purpose of this investigation was twofolds (1) to determine the validity of selected submaximal field tests used to estimate aerobic capacity, and (2) to determine the association of maximal oxygen consumption with the performance of selected submaximal field test. Eighteen females (X = l.9.4 yrs) volunteered to be Ss. Prior to the first two field tests, anthropometric data of ht and wt were collected and %BF, FW, and FFW were computed from skinfold measurements. The field tests investigated were the 12 min run, the 600 yd run, and the QCST. All measurements were analyzed for reliability and reproducibility by the use of a Pearson Product-· Moment correlation technique and paired t-tests. The field test performances and estimations of max vo2 (l/min and ml/kg/min) were compared with the max vo2 estimated by the duration of the Balke-Ware Treadmill Test to determine validity, There were no sig diff . between max vo2 estimated from the 12 min run and the QCST. There . was a sig diff (E < .05) found between the max vo2 (1/min and ml/kg/ll!in) estimated by the Balke-Ware Treadmill Test and that estimated by the 600 yd run. No sig relationships were found between the performance scores and max vo2 estimated from the Balke-Ware Treadmill Test. Within the limitations of this investigation, it was concluded that the performance scores from the 12 min run, the 600 yd run, and the QCST did not accurately reflect the individual's aerobic capacity.

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Respiration Women college students Exercise -- Physiological aspects



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