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The picturesque beauty of a small Midwestern town sitting amid the farmlands or ranchlands is a common image conjured up by many Americans thinking about life in rural

America. It inspires a familiar scene. A grain elevator usually breaks the skyline and is situated on the ever present railroad line. A water tower stands against the blue sky. One particular street, usually named Main, is lined on both sides with businesses and shops. This is the heart of a small town, surrounded by a body of homes, churches, a school, and a gas station or two. From the hinterland around it come people, products, and goods, the lifeblood of the town and reason fer its existence. The town is a collection point for goods going to market and to manufacturers and is a dispersion point for goods demanded by the local population. Churches are the school are centers of spiritual and cultural interaction giving strength of character to the community. It is indeed an inspirational scene of small town life in the United States.

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