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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Physical Education

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Barry C. McKeown


A survey was conducted to determine the extent to which enrollment in the required PE Instruction Program at Lock Haven State College, PA., may have influenced graduates in their selection of leisure time activities. Questionnaires (N = 529) were sent to the spring class of1975 (N = 318) and 1976 (N = 2 11). Usable returns equaled N = 99. Calculations of the no. and % of S's were used for distribution and questionnaire analyses. Calculations of central tendency and variability of selected factors were used to determine levels of activity participation. The Pearson·-Product Moment method was used for finding zero-order correlation coefficients between selected factors. The final statistical analysis procedure involved the rise of a multiple regression technique for predicting current activity participation patterns from selected factors. Findings of the study indicated that physical education instruction influenced one- third of the respondents in their selection of post-graduate leisure time activity. Factors found significant (p = .05) in estimating current activity frequency from activity class variables were course content, maintaining physical fitness and whether the class was coed.

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Lock Haven State College Leisure -- Pennsylvania -- Lock Haven
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