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A two-year study (1974-1975) of birds in Sioux County, Iowa farm groves is reported. Twenty-eight groves were visited and 66 species of birds (34 breeding and 32 migrant) were observed. The number of species sighted per farm varied from 8 to 40. Grackles, starlings, and robins were the most abundant breeding birds and white-throated sparrows, Harris’ sparrows, and Myrtle warblers were the most abundant migrants. Number of species of birds per section did not depend upon the number of farms in that section. The mean number of sightings in a two farm section was 395, while the mean number of sightings in a five farm section was 1,043. Presence of conifers was not a factor in determining the number of bird species, not was the presence of hedges. Undergrowth proved to be a factor in determining the number of species observed. Diversity of habitat was important in attracting a wide variety of species. Migrant birds were present in Sioux County from mid-April until the first of June.

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