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Sociology and Rural Studies


The need for this study is indicated by gaps in gerontological research and information. Until the last twenty years, studies were not often made of the many aspects of the aged in society; and currently, many questions in this field remain unanswered.Some studies have dealt with the physical setting of the retirement homes, but the individual's perception of the home has not been studied. The actual physical conditions of the homes are inconsequential to this study because the residents' perception of the situation· is critical to adjustment. This will provide the focus for this study. The objectives of this study are:

1. to determine which environmental factors in the retirement homes significantly facilitate resident adjustment.

2. to determine which background variables such as sex, education, and proximity of relatives will contribute to the resident's adequate adjustment to the retirement- center.

3. to determine if place of residence prior to entering the institution will affect the individual's adjustment to the institution.

4. to determine if males or females make a better adjustment to the retirement center.

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Old age homes -- Wisconsin



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