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This study explores the self-esteem and life satisfaction of, selected institutionalized elderly persons. The research questions were: 1) What is the extent of self-esteem of selected institutionalized 'elderly persons as measured by the Tennessee Self Concept Scale? 2) What is the extent of life satisfaction of selected institutionalized elderly persons as measured by the Life Satisfaction Index of Adams? Symbolic interactionism and self-theory served as the theoretical framework for the study.
Descriptive methodology with a structured interview was utilized. Criteria sampling was used. Twenty-six elderly subjects who were residents of a skilled nursing home in a rural, north central United States community were the sample. Individual case scores, mean, median, range, and percentages were - used to describe the data. A limitation of the study; was use of a small, non-random sample.
Results of the study indicated nine subjects (35%) had high scores in self-esteem, seven subjects (30%) scored in the medium range of self-esteem, and nine subjects (35%) received low scores in self-esteem. In life satisfaction eight subjects (31%) Scored high, ten subjects (38%) received scores in the medium range of life satisfaction, and eight (31%) received low life satisfaction scores.

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