Yuhua Xu

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Ivan S. Palmer


The effect of injected dose level and prior dietary level of Se on urinary excretion of total Se and Se metabolites in the rats was investigated in this work. Rats were randomly divided into four groups of three each. Two groups of rats were fed a Se deficient diet, and the other two groups of rats were fed a Se normal diet. At the end of the feeding period, one group of each dietary treatment was injected with a trace level of Se and the other group of each dietary treatment was injected with a subtoxic level of Se. Urine of each rat was collected individually in the first 24 hrs. Total 75 Se of each urine sample was measured. Urinary metabolites TMSe+ and U2 were separated by a TLC procedure and quantitatively determined. An HPLC method for separation of TMSe+ was modified and was also used in this study. Results of the experiment indicated that the amount of excreted total 75Se was affected by dietary level of Se. Injected dose level of Se affected not only the amount, but also the type of urinary excretion of 75Se metabolites.

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Selenium -- Excretion
Selenium -- Physiological effect




South Dakota State University



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