Linghua Xu

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Thesis - University Access Only

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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


There are many languages available and suitable for Web programming, such as Java, Javascript, C, Tel, Python and perl. There is no reason to believe that any one language will completely monopolize the Web programming scene. This paper presents a design and implementation of a client/server application in which a student Web registration system is developed in different languages, such as HTML, Java, perl, and C. The principal goal of the paper is to use this client/server application as a example for comparing the reliability, readability, writability and performance of these languages. The second goal is to provide a practical demonstration of these languages and systems to help readers choose languages for their particular needs. The major aspects of the application design are discussed, including the client/server architecture, CGI, as well as a server side extension program and a Web interface design.

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HTML (Document markup language)
Java (Computer program language)
Perl (Computer program language)
C (Computer program language)
World Wide Web



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South Dakota State University