Isabel McGibney

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christmas gifts, christmas, homemade gifts, 1950

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Agricultural Extension Service, South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts

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Do you remember when families put up the Christmas tree behind the closed double doors of the front parlor? For days the adults hurried in and out with mysterious looks and arms filled with surprises. But the children were barred. When all was ready the doors were thrown open and the fun was supposed to begin. At some time in our generation someone realized that the fun didn’t begin at this point at all. It had been going on for days, behind the parlor doors. We woke up to the fact that the children would have far more fun if they were let into the parlor to help and the same thing is true about the fund of Santa Claus. It is more beautiful to think of Santa as a symbol of the Love and Good Will that is all about us at Christmas time. Children realize that if they have this spirit they, too, can be Santa Clauses. He is no longer a trick to be played on them, but a lovely secret to be shared. No one likes to seem to be made a fool and children may feel this strongly when the myth is revealed. All families have traditions for this season. The most satisfying is when fiving love and kindness is emphasized rather than receiving presents. Opening the gifts is such fun and over so soon. If one gift is opened at a time it will last longer. If small children have too many toys at once, soon nothing pleases them. Save a few things to be opened late in the day, thus Christmas will last all day instead of an hour or so. Children will be richer is taught to enjoy giving as much as receiving – by not just believing in but being Santa Claus. With this in mind the family will be Santa Claus and make things for family and friends.