Don Clayton

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Agricultural Extension Service, South Dakota State College

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Today fussy, proper parties are definitely out of style. Truly "smart" people just won't take the time to spend their precious leisure moments "putting on the dog". When one studies the kind of home architecture and appliances, and the casual clothing that "sell" and the types of recreation that are popular he soon realizes that simplicity and naturalness are the modern keynote for leisure time living. It suggests a search for an antidote to the strain and tension that involves most of us-in this business of "making a living". The front doors on most of our homes swing inward. This provides a wonderful opportunity for us to permit selected parts of the exciting outside world to come into our "home base" bringing good times of laughter and fellowship and the stimulus o"f new ideas and inspiration. To gain such needed and desired expressions requires above all else a charming hostess. Very few women ever acquire all the qualifications for becoming the "perfect hostess" but more homemakers than think so have the means to provide the magic of hospitability in their homes. Much of the secret to successful entertaining lies in the example or pace set by the hostess. If you are genuinely interested in the people that come into your home and reveal a liking for them they in turn will find you interesting and likeable. Propriety, correctness, tradition, pomposity and expensive trimmings have no place in your concern if your object is to bring enjoyment and relaxed togetherness to all concerned. Guests do not want a harried hostess who is obviously worried about making an impression of correct performance that she can't be herself. One should attempt then to do nothing more ( or less) than her best in bringing each guest to leaving her home with the genuine, heartfelt response, "Thank you for the wonderful time." It is to be hoped that this booklet may serve in some small measure to provide some suggestions in planning, preparing and putting on parties in the home and to stimulate assurance, imagination and self evaluation.

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