Mary Lyle

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Agricultural Extension Service, South Dakota State College

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A courteous, well-groomed person is truly a joy to meet. All of you can be such a person. To develop into a courteous, wellgroomed person is part of growing up, and in this circular, you will find some ideas which will heLp you be the kind of a person that you admire. Many times, it is not that you don't know the correct thing, but that you do not do the correct thing. You may know how to take care of your clothing, but just don't take the few minutes a day to keep your clothing in proper repair and clean. You may know what foods you should eat for proper health, but you may not eat them. You may know what good posture is, but do not develop good habits of posture for yourself. Why not take stock of yourselves to see how you look to others? Are you doing that which you know to be the right thing to do in any particular situation? Remember your home is the place where you have the opportunity to learn to do the proper thing-learn to practice .those proper things not only in your homes but every place that you are. How you appear to others is the sum total of what you are. Make a good appearance to others at all times-then you truly will be a courteous, well-groomed person on all occasions. In this circular you will find some help for you, not only in your homes, but in the other places in which you spend time. This circular does not cover the field entirely- you can easily find other material in the current magazines and newspapers, as well as in books, that will help you and other club members to learn how to be a courteous, well-groomed person.

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