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yield results, planting tips, winter wheat, variety yields results, south dakota

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Plant Science


It was a tough year for winter wheat in South Dakota in 2006. The major winter wheat growing areas in the central and western part of the state suffered serious drought from planting until harvest. Most areas were very dry at planting, which delayed germination until rain came later in the fall. This led to plants with small crowns and little fall growth. Conditions did not improve in the spring with several locations having the driest January to June on record. Yields from the Crop Performance Testing Program averaged 47 bu/A statewide, but many locations were not harvested due to the drought. Trials at Selby, Bison, Hayes, and Kennebec were too poor to be harvested for yield. Trials at Watertown, Platte, and Dakota Lakes had too much variation for yield results to be reported. The top performing varieties in East River in 2006 were NuDakota, Wesley, Nekota, Alliance, and SD98102; while Hatcher, SD98102, NuDakota, Harry, and Wahoo were best in West River.


Updated August 2006.