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mosquito repellent, deet, personal repellent, south dakota

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The most commonly available insect repellents contain either DEET or permethrin. This publication provides information on specific repellents that are registered for sale in South Dakota in Spring 2004. Personal mosquito repellents are products that can be applied directly onto the human skin or clothing for the purpose of repelling or killing adult mosquitoes. While repellents containing the chemical DEET can be applied directly on human skin and clothing, products containing the insecticide permethrin cannot. Permethrin must be applied only on clothing or related apparels such as hats,shoes, and overalls several hours before being worn. Organic alternatives to DEET or permethrin are also available for chemically-sensitive individuals. There appears to be a limit in the duration of protection time that increasing DEET concentrations may provide. For example, a product containing 100% DEET may provide no more than 10 hours of protection from mosquito bites. The duration of protection time provided by products containing 35% and 100% DEET may not be significantly different


Updated March 2004.