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chaps, yearling, weaning, cow herd

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ExEx 2013


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


CHAPS (Cow Herd Appraisal Performance Software) provides valuable performance information to use in: 1) selecting replacements, 2) making culling decisions, 3) evaluating bull performance, 4) evaluating reproductive efficiency, and 5) trouble-shooting the herd for management and reproductive problems. CHAPS does a lot more than the typical performance evaluation function of adjusting weaning and yearling weights and calculating ratios. In addition, the program prints: 1) a lifetime history of each cow’s performance, 2) a sire summary, 3) a Most Probable Producing Ability (MPPA) genetic evaluation for each cow, 4) a herd reproductive analysis, 5) a calving distribution chart, 6) a summary of weaning weight performance by crossbred cow type, and 7) a history of when and why cows were culled from the herd.


September 1990, F&F: 4.1-6