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emotional stress, regonition, adolescents

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ExEx 14061


Consumer Sciences


The family’s emotional climate has a large impact on adolescent stress. An adolescent’s emerging role as a young adult produces an acute awareness of family status. Parents need to monitor their teens if the family is suffering from extremely stressful circumstances, including economic uncertainty. When the family’s financial resources are threatened, rather than being shielded from regretful information, adolescents should be involved in the family decision making. Adolescents are often keenly aware of what is happen¬ing in society, including issues such as a poor economy, home foreclosures, and job loss. Teenagers may become fearful that these issues will affect not only the family’s well-being but also their own relationships with and standing among their peers. Teenagers may, in the extreme, be fearful that they will be uprooted from their community and friends.


Updated June 2009