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Conditions were very dry for planting last September for the western and central part of the state. And while there were good rains in early October, the cold temperatures led to a slow start for the wheat. Fortunately November was warmer than average, which allowed most locations to get decent fall growth. The northwest part of the state suffered a hard freeze on May 8th causing some freeze injury to the crop. Spring and early summer conditions were wet for most of the state, favoring increased disease pressure. The north central part of South Dakota was dry in June, which caused some drought stress in those areas. Harvest was hampered by rainy and humid conditions in July and early August. This made it difficult to get the grain dry enough to harvest and frequent rains on the ripe grain caused lower test weights in some areas. Yields from the Crop Performance Testing Program averaged 59 bu/A statewide, ranging from 28 bu/A at Bison to 84 bu/A at Selby. The results for Winner and Martin are not reported due to heavy weed pressure at Winner and high yield variation at Martin. Locations with higher than ideal trial variation (CV>14) were Bison (dry fall, freeze injury), Kennebec (cheatgrass), Brookings non-intensive (disease pressure) and Beresford (storm damage). The top performing varieties at East River locations in 2010 were Expedition, Art, Settler CL, Overland and Lyman; while Hatcher, Lyman, Wesley, Camelot, Millennium and Wahoo did the best in West River locations. The varieties Overland, Expedition, Smoky Hill, Lyman, Wendy, Millennium, Wesley and Darrell had the best three-year statewide average yields. 2011 variety recommendations are included in this publication. Changes include: dropping NuDakota (not tested in 2010) and Arapahoe (poor yield performance) from the recommendations moving Harding down from the recommended to the acceptable/promising list, moving Lyman and Smoky Hill up from the acceptable/promising to the recommended list and adding Art and Settler CL to the acceptable/ promising list.

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