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reducing costs, feed delivery, cattle, supplementation

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ExEx 2070


Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering


Winter supplementation of beef cattle is an important economic and production decision that producers make each year. Supplementation is often necessary to overcome nutrient deficiencies to allow adequate cattle performance. However, supplementation is an expensive input cost, par-ticularly with current high feed prices and deliv¬ery costs. The initial decision is about the correct type and amount of feed to use as the supplement, with the goal to provide the needed nutrients at the least feed cost. After this decision, opportuni¬ties for reducing other costs of supplementation should be considered. One option that can have a major impact on input costs is how often supple-ment is delivered. Reducing the frequency that supplement is delivered can reduce fuel, labor, and machinery costs. The important concern is creating the right balance between frequency of delivery and cattle performance.


March 2010.