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On the tenth anniversary of publication of The Great Plains Sociologist, we examine the book section for content and for participation by residents of the Great Plains. Since the inception of this journal feature in 1991, women have published 57 percent (N=57) of all book reviews. Moreover, women at masters and doctoral degree granting institutions have published a greater number of book reviews (52%. N=52) than their male counterparts (41%, N=41) and than women or men at 2-year,four-year, and tribal colleges (5%, N=5 and 2%, N=2 respectively). While there are differences in the topical areas evaluated by women and men, the primary area of interest for both is rural issues(16%, N=16). We conclude that the journal has met its goal of providing opportunities for regional scholars to publish their work and that The Great Plains Sociologist clearly plays a unique role in the region and in the discipline.



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