Brie Willert

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Individuals in lower socioeconomic classes are said to have higher stress levels than those in higher classes, which in turn causes poor mental health for these individuals. Studies have shown that low income is associated with both low life evaluation and low emotional well-being. The present study worked to find support for this theory using the research question: How does class status influence perceptions of individual mental health? This study uses data from the 2010 General Social Survey (N= 1149) in which individuals between 18-89 years of age participated. Analyses of the results through multiple regression suggested individuals in lower socioeconomic classes experienced more days of poor mental health than did individuals in higher socioeconomic classes. Results also suggested other factors such as less education, being single, divorced, widowed, or separated and being female also negatively impacted levels of individual mental health. These findings support the notion that individuals in the lower classes rate themselves as having poorer mental health than do individuals in higher classes.



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